Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cracked heels

What is cracked heel?

Cracked heels are a common problem of the human body organ. Basically,  the common area of cracked is the face, lip, hand pad and  leg heel or pads. When the human body suffers moisturizing lack or people’s lives in the dry weather then skin does crack.
Overweight and obesity always pressure create on the foot pad. When we walk, then expand sideways the foot pad. This way has been cracked heels. Deep cracked is very painful when it has gone into the dermis. The main reason of Cracked heels is the omega-3 fatty acid and zinc deficiency.

Cracked heel symptoms

Red Patches
This is a prime symptom of dry cracked heels. If you ignored it remember this situation is dangerous. Dry skin is always aggravatable to infections, so at this stage is a very important issue to address the provision  exact away.

Shedding  and cracked skin
Generally, this symptom follows the indication of red Patches. Shedding and cracked skin is an expressed subscribe of dry. Cracked heels and direct measure out must be taken to repair the provision.

Painful skin
Painful skin is effectuated by the unnatural compression of the top layers of the dry skin. This unexpected compression effectuates the extension of the skin all over the affected round and this ultimate result is discomfort and disgusting  pain.

Bleeding from cracks
Bleeding from cracks point is not natural crack. This type  bleeding is indicated your heel crack not only attack upper layers. Rather your cracked heel affects your heels up to deep layers. Deep cracks of your heel tissues indicate you have under risk of skin infection.

Crack heel condition

Causes of cracked heels
·        Restless standing in the workplace or home so you can use under heel sponge or soft shoes
·        Overweight or obesities pressure should not bear heel pad, so does expand heel pad and cracked heel.
·        Use Back-open shoes or sandals, because it accepts sideways expand under the foot heel.
·        How many diseases are indicated to crack heel, Such: Eczema, Diabetes, Athletes’ foot, Thyroid disease and Psoriasis etc.
·        Long periods stand in a bathroom or damp area this is a cause of dry skin and cracked heels.
·        Vitamins, Zinc and mineral deficiency also cause of crack heels.

Prevent for crack heel
·        Most people  always  neglect foot care. Use measures and petroleum jelly for preventing cracked heels. Home made treatment is better than outside. The home remedy is done under cost for everybody. When this treatment does not work properly,  you can take the advice to your physician.
·        Use any hydrogenated vegetable oil on cracked and dry areas after wash and clean your foot heel. You can wear socks after use oil for extra foot care.
·        Try to apply regularly rosewater and glycerin mixture it will do soft your foot skin and will keep drying skin.
·        Food quality is very important because mineral. Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin, and zinc don’t produce naturally in the human body. It increases in the body by the good food.

·        Every day after a shower you can apply some moisturizer on the heels. It helped your cracked heel prevent.

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