Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Prevention of Cracked heels

How to treat cracked heels?

Cracked heel problem its other name is `heel fissures or common word is foot condition'. it is very painful and disgusting condition for the patient when he stands on feet. Maximum 25% people are suffering from this health problem. The major factor is a serious Life killer Infection will be entered in our body by the cracked heel point. The cracked heel is very dangerous for Type 2 Diabetic and overweight patient, so be careful; because treat cracked heel injury is very difficult at this stage.

Are cracked heels curable?
Yes, every disease is curable when it will properly diagnose at the first stage. The cracked heel is a very risky and disgusting condition of the patient. Anytime should be started bleeding from the cracked point. So the best way is early treatment from the Dermatologists specializes.

Who suffer from cracked heels?
21 age's American adult person and more than 44 million older people already got to experience cracked heels. As per American National survey report average 25% peoples suffering from this health problem and 50% women in the total patient.
Overall, we can say a beigest % of people face this problem since their childhood life. So the best way don't let to proper prevention it at the starting time. When cracks already will visible then you need should take the doctor's advice and proper medicine.

Treatment technique of crack heel

 Cracked heel treatment
If you want to keep safe from cracks heel you should maintain and avoid some weather. Such: wetness, humidity, dirtiness.
Remember dryness is the main reason of cracked heels. When you know about crack heel so don't let you can start at first curing it.
Obviously maintained everyday bath habit because you can easily find out cracked heels problem in the bath time. I know this is the very harmful situation if the crack is deep, but no way it is just advised to avoid this problem.
Don't use any type of artificial soaps and cream. Organic and natural treatment are always better for the skin. You can use warm water to care of heels, but never use too cool and hot water. Hardly try keeping your heels always dry. When your heels are mild wet then it rubs with pumice stone and sponges it by the soft towel and use approval Vaseline, Moisturizer cream or Coconut oil.
Petroleum jelly is a good for soft skin and prevents cracked heels. Every day you can try getting petroleum jelly layer on your foot and taking comfortable socks before bed.
Lastly and finally, keep your heels and others organ always clean and dry.

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